Hildenbrand bill repeals Michigan Business Tax

LANSING – Senator Dave Hildenbrand has introduced Senate Bill 1, a measure to repeal the Michigan Business Tax.

“This is a major goal for job providers in my district and throughout the state,” said Hildenbrand, R-Lowell. “Because this reform is so important, the Senate Republican Caucus made it the first bill introduced in the new legislative session.”

The first-term lawmaker said the MBT, enacted in 2007, is despised by business owners and considered enormously harmful to job growth.

“Michigan’s unemployment rate is one of the highest in the nation and jobs are leaving Michigan at a record pace,” Hildenbrand said. “Our number one priority must be to create a better job climate so we can retain companies and attract new firms. It’s time to send a signal that Michigan is open and ready for business. Repealing this onerous tax would be an excellent start.”

Experts believe that repealing the MBT would increase employment in Michigan and increase total investment in the state by billions of dollars.

“I commend Senator Hildenbrand for his willingness to tackle this significant issue,” said Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville, R-Monroe. “It’s vital that we move to restructure and reinvent this state, and this measure is an important first step in the process.”  

Media Advisory: Sen. Hildenbrand available following the 2011 State of the State address

Who: State Sen. Dave Hildenbrand, assistant leader of the Senate Majority Caucus.

What: Reaction and comments following the governor’s State of the State address.

When: The address is scheduled to begin Wednesday, Jan. 19 at 7 p.m.

Where: House of Representatives
State Capitol

Briefing: Hildenbrand, R-Lowell, will be available for comment following the State of the State address. Please call Hildenbrand’s office at (517) 373-1801 on Jan. 19 to schedule an interview time with the senator.

Audio remarks will be available for broadcast from the Senate Majority Audiowire at: www.senate.michigan.gov/podcasts.asp?District=29

Hildenbrand takes oath; office ready for business

LANSING – Senator Dave Hildenbrand, R-Lowell, took part in Wednesday’s swearing-in at the state Capitol with Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert P. Young, Jr. administering the oath of office.

Hildenbrand was joined on the Senate floor by his wife Sarah, daughter Jane, and other members of his family.

The 29th District lawmaker also announced that his Lansing office is open and ready to meet constituent needs.

“Anyone who needs assistance with a state issue or wants to share their legislative viewpoint can contact our office,” he said. “I look forward to continuing my service to my constituents and am prepared to listen and help in any way I can.”

Sen. Hildenbrand can be reached directly by e-mail at SenDHildenbrand@senate.michigan.gov or through the toll-free number at 1-866-305-2129. District residents may also contact Hildenbrand by calling the senator’s office at (517) 373-1801 or by U.S. mail at P.O. Box 30036, Lansing, MI, 48909.


Editor’s note: A photograph of Hildenbrand being sworn is at www.senate.michigan.gov/photowire.asp?District=29 

Hildenbrand announces full committee assignment list

LANSING – Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville has named Sen. Dave Hildenbrand as vice chair of three important committees for the 2011-2014 legislative session.

Hildenbrand will serve as vice chair of the committees on Economic Development, Government Operations and Outdoor Recreation and Tourism. Last November, the 26-member Senate Republican Caucus voted him assistant leader.

The newly elected senator is eager to begin his leadership assignments and start putting Michigan back on track.

“Economic development and budget discipline must remain our focus,” said Hildenbrand, R-Lowell. “There’s plenty of hard work in the busy months ahead as we make tough but necessary decisions. I am eager to embrace the challenges.”

The 29th District lawmaker will also serve as a member of the Senate Redistricting Committee.

“I’m pleased with my committee assignments; these panels will deal with legislation that has a direct impact on west Michigan,” Hildenbrand said. “I look forward to the input of area constituents as we develop sensible solutions to our state’s problems.”