Hildenbrand acts to stop sale of dangerous drugs

Hildenbrand acts to stop sale of dangerous drugs

Lansing— In an effort to address the recent proliferation and public concern surrounding the use and sale of synthetic drugs, state Sen. Dave Hildenbrand this week will introduce legislation that will provide prosecutors and law enforcement officials with the tools necessary to address this growing issue. 

Hildenbrand’s bill would update Michigan’s law that lists prohibited chemical cocktails typically used by synthetic drug manufactures and further empower local law enforcement to keep up with the ever-changing nature of these dangerous, addictive drugs.

“Currently, synthetic drugs are branded and sold under many names and are clearly labeled as not for human consumption,” said Hildenbrand, R-Lowell. “Unfortunately, through clever marketing designed to hook young teens and adults, these products are frequently used as an alternative to marijuana and other drugs.  These synthetic drugs are just as dangerous, if not more toxic, than the ones they attempt to mimic.”

Current state law makes it a 90-day misdemeanor to possess or use certain synthetic drugs. This law was enacted after problems were first reported with products such as “K-2” and “Spice,” which contained dried herbs sprayed with a chemical that created a high similar to marijuana. However, because synthetic drug manufacturers want to continue to sell their dangerous products, they simply change the chemical makeup of their compounds in order to skirt the state law.

“The individuals producing these dangerous chemical compounds are knowingly selling incredibly dangerous drugs throughout Michigan,” Hildenbrand said.  “They are doing this in clear defiance of the intent of the people of Michigan. Throughout this process I have worked with local prosecutors, judges and law enforcement and our goal is the same: we must get these dangerous drugs off our streets and we must do so quickly.”