Hildenbrand introduces election reform legislation

Senator Dave Hildenbrand

Senator Dave Hildenbrand

LANSING—Senator Dave Hildebrand, R-Lowell, today introduced Senate Bill 197, which would allocate Michigan’s electoral votes proportionally to the Electoral College during presidential elections.  If passed, delegates for the 2016 election and beyond would be allocated proportionally, based on statewide vote for president.

“I want to ensure that every vote, Republican or Democrat, is represented and counted when electing the highest office in this country,” said Hildenbrand. “For too long, battle ground states such as Ohio, Florida and others have had disproportionate influence and power in presidential elections and therefore, ultimately, in the White House.

“Proportional voting in Michigan would have a similar effect as the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) would have nationally, ensuring that every vote, in every state, would be represented and have the same weight as any other vote in the country,” continued Hildenbrand.

SB 197 is also tie-barred to SB 88, which joins the state compact moving to a national popular vote in future elections when states with 270 electoral votes or more join the NPVIC.

The current system and a congressional district plan have the same problem.  Each gives disproportional influence to “swing” states or “swing” districts, distorting public policy and political influence.

“For all practical purposes, today we elect the President of the ‘Battleground States of America’ versus the President of the United States of America.  It makes no sense for Michigan to be less relevant than Ohio or Florida,” said Hildenbrand.