Sen. Hildenbrand appointed to Talent Investment Board

Lansing— This week Governor Snyder announced the next step in his economic reinvention plan for Michigan with the creation of the Talent Investment Board, made up of members from both the public and private sectors.  Included in this group is Sen. Dave Hildenbrand (R-Lowell) who was appointed to serve as one of four members representing the Legislature on the new advisory board.

“I am honored and excited to serve on this newly created board,” said Hildenbrand. “Some of the most capable people in their given professions have been selected to serve on this board with the goal of helping to create an environment where economic growth can thrive and talent can be developed,” said Hildenbrand. “I am confident that through our collaboration we will be able to identify innovative ideas and reforms that will continue to aid the state in its economic recovery.”

The Talent Investment Board has been established to better focus on job creation and developing and connecting Michigan's job talent.  This new 47-member board replaces and streamlines the former Council for Labor and Economic Growth, which had 71 members. The board, housed within the Workforce Development Agency in the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, is charged with advising and assisting the governor regarding compliance with the federal Workforce Investment Act and overall talent development.