Senate approves Hildenbrand measure to protect hunting and fishing

LANSING, MI—The Michigan Senate on Thursday approved a resolution that would add the right to hunt, fish and trap to Michigan’s Constitution, said sponsor Sen. Dave Hildenbrand.

“Michigan has a long, cherished heritage of hunting, fishing and trapping, and this fundamental right should be included in Michigan’s Constitution,” said Hildenbrand, R-Lowell. “There are some individuals and organizations who want to infringe on this right, and we as outdoorsmen and women must respond. Adding this language to our Constitution will protect our rights and secure the future of this great heritage and sport.”

Senate Joint Resolution S received the required 2/3 support in the Senate and will now move to the Michigan House of Representatives for further consideration. If the resolution is considered in the House and receives 2/3 support there, the proposed language would be put before the voters at the next general election.